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Fantastic Beasts And Where To Play With Them

The city, home to many of us unfortunately, doesn't provide much greenery or opportunity to interact with too many animals. Even though zoos exists, the animals there are always behind cages and glasses, making it almost no different from seeing animals from behind a screen. Here at Sinar Eco Resort, we find that one of the best ways to learn about nature and animals is through interacting with the animals directly. Guests are encouraged to play and feed our animals and as a result of this, our animals are more acclimated to meeting new people and friendly. Sinar Eco Resort has slowly but surely increased the amount and types of animals at our resort. As of now, we are proud to announce that

How Sinar Eco Resort Came To Be

2006 A small plot of land was acquired by our family in the remote jungles off the JB-Pontian road. Apart from a couple of tall bird houses that stood out, the land was filled with shrubs and weed. For many years, that was all it was. A quiet space surrounded by the lush greenery of nature. A slow river rising and falling with the tide at the back fields with the thick foliage of mangrove trees waving across the river bank. It was a little slice of serenity and escape that our family enjoyed on the weekends. 2010 Fast forward 4 years, a decision was made to develop the land. A small swimming pool and a couple of farm animals, along with their housing was introduced. We slowly added more acti

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