At Sinar Eco Resort, we have a wide variety of activities fit for the whole family. Our activities are open from 9 am - 6 pm for day trips.

Meet and play with the animals at Sinar Eco Resort!

Animal Encounter

Take a ride on a majestic horse and get a feel of being an equestrian or knight!

Horse Riding

Feel the wind in your hair as you drive around on an ATV or better yet, race your friends!


Speed around like a racer off the paved roads where anything goes!


Practice your aim and see if you can hit the mark!


Take a leisure cruise down the river to see the wonders of nature and biodiversity of the river.

River Cruise

Explore the river either alone or with a friend completely at your own pace!

River Kayaking

Take a trip down the river with your group of friends or family members on a home made eco-raft.

Eco Rafting

Find out and take part in finding out where milk comes from!

Cow Milking

Chill out and sing with your friends and family!


Play a round of pool with your friends to see who has the best aim!


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