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Sinar Eco Resort River Cruise


Being surrounded by nature has made Sinar Eco Resort an exciting destination to learn about nature. With such a huge variety of natural elements and wildlife, it makes learning fun and provide groups with an excellent opportunity to learn outside of the classroom

Sinar Eco Resort Agriculture


We have different plants on site and can readily provide educational tours covering the life cycle and growth processes of the plants we grow. Some of our past guests have also had the opportunity to get hands-on experience planting the crops.

Sinar Eco Resort Farm


Unlike a zoo, we always encourage our guests to interact with our animals and as such, our animals are more comfortable and friendly around guests. This provides an excellent chance for guests to learn and interact with the animals in a fun engaging environment.

Sinar Eco Resort Survival


As a lot of items at Sinar Eco Resort are hand-made by our own staff, we also offer outdoor themed educational packages that focuses more on outdoor survival, like building shelters, traps and how to start a fire.

Sinar Eco Resort River

The Sungai Jeram Batu river runs right beside Sinar Eco Resort and together with our rafts, provide an excellent platform for guests to learn not just about the diverse ecosystem around the area but the geography of the area as well.
Contact us to find out more about our education programmes.

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