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Sinar Eco Resort

Surrounded by large open areas, Sinar Eco Resort makes more an excellent destination for corporate
trips and hosting large group events. We provide customised packages for large groups that ranges from just providing a space and equipment to run team bonding games to entire packages that provides facilitators to run the programmes.

Sinar Eco Resort Team Building Games

Team Building games

We conduct a series of games that promote healthy competition between teams and require team bonding, communication and some problem solving skills to succeed in.

Sinar Eco Resort Raft Building

Raft Building

Builders have to gather materials around them to make a rat capable of getting their team across the river. Teams will need to use their creativity and some basic knot-tying skills to accomplish the task. There will be an introduction to basic knot-tying before hand. Paddles are not provided to teams will have to get creative.

Sinar Eco Resort Amazing Race

Amazing Race

Teams will need to seek specific waypoints within the resort using clues obtained along the way. They will be given tasks which require teamwork and problem solving skills to accomplish. All materials will be prepared and provided by our staff.

Sinar Eco Resort Customised Programmes

Customised programmes

Contact us to find out more about our team building activities and other corporate programmes we can organise for you.

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